BackShield Testimonials

Dr. Clint Potter

"[With BackShield], wonderful things start to happen...blood flow increases to the neck, to the spine, to the accessory muscles. With blood flow come nutrients. What this does is it allow us to heal the micro-trauma that we commit to our backs and necks and muscles on a daily basis."

Dr. Gary Birnbaum

"The unique design of the BackShield not only gives lumbar support here, but it lifts the upper back off the lower back...the BackShield lifts the upper spine off the lower spine, allowing the shoulders to come back naturally."

Our Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your BackShield that we offer a "60-Day Risk Free Guarantee" to ensure customer satisfaction. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using your BackShield, return it and we will promptly issue a refund.

Simply contact us at to speak to a customer care specialist.